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Chichibugahama Beach boasts a 1km-long beach which attracts many visitors every summer.
Recently, Chichibugahama has become well-known as a spot where visitors can take incredible natural mirror photos like in Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.
  • ▲ Chosen as one of the Top 100 Sunset Spots in Japan
  • ▲ Making memories with a group photo
  • ▲ Chichibugahama Beach at low tide
  • ▲ Many visitors come to the 1km-long beach for swimming in the summer
If there is no wind to disturb the water surface, at low tide the sky is beautifully reflected in the tide pools that form in the sand, creating a natural mirror effect.
At sunset, the scenery becomes even more fantastic, enough to earn the title as one of the “Top 100 Sunset Spots in Japan.”
We recommend that you come visit with your camera in hand.

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By car:

Address for GPSChichibugahama Beach 203-3 Niootsu, Nio, Mitoyo, Kagawa, Japan(香川県三豊市仁尾町仁尾乙203-3)
  • (TAKAMATSU EXPRESSWAY) About 20 minutes by the Sanuki-Toyonaka IC
  • About 20 minutes by the Mitoyo-Tossa IC

Community Bus: Mon.-Sat.:
Bus Time ScheduleRoute Map

JR Takuma Station
(Nio Line)
Get off at

※Mitoyo Community Buses do not run on Sundays or holidays.
Taxis are available (Takuma Station-Chichibugahama Beach: ¥2,200 One Way):
Takuma Kotsu: 0875-83-3136
Sakura Taxi: 0120-22-5048
Kawata Taxi: 0875-82-3333


For those coming by medium-sized/large bus:

  1. The entrance to the Chichibugahama General Parking Lots is too narrow for medium-sized and large buses to enter.
  2. Please do not drop off or pick up passengers on the road in front of Chichibugahama Beach, as it leads to traffic congestion.
  3. Parking is not allowed in the Kakigori Café Himuro Parking Lot or neighborhood parking lots
Address 203-2 Nio Otsu, Nio-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa, Japan (香川県三豊市仁尾町仁尾乙203-3)
Phone Contact: Mitoyo Tourism & Exchange Authority (0875-56-5880)
Parking Medium and large size tour buses will be charged a parking fee beginning 7/1/19.
Large Buses: ¥2,500
Medium Buses: ¥1,000

Personal vehicles, small buses, and microbuses park free.
No parking is allowed on the street.

▼ How to take amazing photos of the scenery with your phone camera

  • Conditions for the Best SceneryLook up the sunset and low tide times in advance!

  • ・When the low tide and sunset coincide
  • ・When there is no wind and the water surface is calm
  • ・The “magic hour” is between 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the sunset!

Predictions for the Ideal Timing


Chichibugahama Beach 2019 Sunset and Tide CalendarDownload the PDF Here

Month Date Sunset Time
Jan 1/3(thurs)~1/8(tues) 17:05
1/18(fri)~1/23(wed) 17:20
Feb 2/1(fri)~2/7(thurs) 17:35
2/16(sat)~2/22(fri) 17:50
March 3/2(sat)~3/11(mon) 18:00
3/19(tues)~3/25(mon) 18:15
April 4/2(tues)~4/10(wed) 18:25
4/17(wed)~4/24(wed) 18:35
May 5/2(thurs)~5/9(thurs) 18:50
5/18(sat)~5/25(sat) 19:00
June 6/3(mon)~6/8(sat) 19:10
6/17(mon)~6/24(mon) 19:20
Month Date Sunset Time
July 7/2(tues)~7/8(mon) 19:20
7/16(tues)~7/23(tues) 19:15
Aug 8/1(thurs)~8/6(tues) 19:00
8/14(wed)~8/21(wed) 18:45
8/29(thurs)~8/31(sat) 18:30
Sept 9/1(sun)~9/3(tues) 18:30
9/12(thurs)~9/19(thurs) 18:05
9/26(thurs)~9/30(mon) 17:50
Oct 10/1(tues) 17:50
10/10(thurs)~10/17(thurs) 17:30
10/25(fri)~10/31(thurs) 17:15
Nov 11/9(sat)~11/15(fri) 17:00
11/23(sat)~11/28(thurs) 16:55
Dec 12/8(sun)~12/13(fri) 16:55
12/23(mon)~12/28(sat) 17:00

How to Take Fantastic Photos:

Photography Tips

・Take photos with the camera at a low angle
・The best angle to shoot from is like the image below, almost grazing the surface of the beach
・The model(s) should stand on a sandy area close to the tide pool

You can model by yourself, take photos posing in a pair, try jumping in a big group,
using various props, and more – you can take all sorts of photographs, limited only by your imagination.
We especially recommend coming to take photos on a windless evening during sunset (the ebbing low tide is ideal).
You can easily take beautiful photos even with your smartphone, so please give it a try!

Nearby Accommodation Information:Download the Driving Map


・Please be respectful of strangers in your photographs. If someone you don’t know is in your photo, ask them for permission before using the photo on social media, etc.
・This beach has been kept clean by local volunteers for 20 years. Please take your trash home with you and do not litter.
・Be aware that the only bathrooms by the beach are porta-potties.
・The beach is wet and sandy- bring rain boots (or beach sandals in summer), a towel, etc., for a more pleasant experience.
・Please be thoughtful and abide by the rules, and have fun photographing!

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