Mitoyo’s Island Photo Contest is Now Accepting Entries!

We are looking for photos of island scenery from Mitoyo. The theme for this contest is: “The Islands of Mitoyo” Please send us photos of Awashima, Shishijima, Tsutajima, Maruyamajima, or any other Mitoyo islands!


■Entry Period
Dec. 20th 2018 ~ Jan. 21st 2019


■Requirements for Entry:
・Must be your photo
・Photos must have been taken in Mitoyo City
・Submitted photos cannot have placed in any other photo contest(s)


・Everyone is eligible to participate in this contest.

■Photo Specifications:
・Monochromatic or color
・25.4cm x 30.5cm or 25.4cm x 36.6cm
・No photo series


■How to Enter:
・Mail or bring your photo and submission form to the organizing office.
・Upload your photo through the form at the bottom of this page (opens 12/20/2019).


【Grand Prize】(1) ¥30,000
【1st Prize】(4) ¥5,000
【Honorable Mention】(10) ¥1,000 voucher


For more details click here.

★★★★★★ Submissions Accepted 12/20/2018 ~ 1/21/2019 ★★★★★★

First Name
Last Name
Zip Code
Phone Number
Cell Number
Email Address
Photo Title
Location of Photo

Please describe in detail.
Date of Photo
Time of Photo
Around A.M.P.M.
Upload Your Photo

You can upload your photo as a jpg, gif, or png of up to 2MB.

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