Mitoyo’s Spring Flower Spots

  • Yoshizu's Kawazu Sakura

    The Kawazu sakura (a variety of cherry tree) on this hill are reminiscent of Japan's ancient beauty.
    【When to visit】Early-Late March

    【Address】Yoshizu, Mitoyo, Kagawa (approx. 1 min drive from Choenji Temple)
    【Parking】5-6 spaces
    **Please be considerate of the locals when you visit

  • Enmyoin Temple's Rhododendron

    More than 100 rhododendron bushes blossom in this quiet valley temple.
    【When to Visit】early - mid-April

    【Address】Ie-no-Ura 5 Nio-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
    【Parking】20 Spaces

  • Urashima Flower Park

    A seaside field filled with marguerites, marigolds, poppies, and more depending upon the season.
    【When to Visit】Marigolds: late April - early May; Marguerites & Poppies: early-late May

    【Address】Tsumu 528-1 Takuma-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
    【Parking】25 Spaces

  • Banfukuji Temple's Wisteria

    With its beautiful wisteria arbor, Banfukuji Temple is often called "Wisteria Temple." With multiple varieties of wisteria growing together on the trellis, the curtain of blossoms is gorgeous!
    【When to Visit】late April - early May

    【Address】Saita Kami 3519 Saita-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
    【Parking】20 Spaces

  • Shishijima Island's Skyview Flower Fields

    Shishijima Island was once covered in flowers. Recently, it has begun to regain its reputation as an "island of flowers" thanks to the locals' efforts.
    【When to Visit】Dianthus: late April - late June; Phlox: late March - late April; Marigolds: early April - early May; Hydrangeas: late May - mid-June

    【Address】Shishijima Island, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa
    **The locals have put a lot of effort into reviving the plants. Please stay out of the flowerbeds.
    【Access】click the following link for access information:

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