Chichibugahama’s Secret Fireworks

Chichibugahama’s Secret Fireworks

On Thursday, August 6th at 8pm, a fireworks show was held at Chichibugahama Beach. Due to concerns about gathering crowds and their potential to promote the spread of COVID-19, the fireworks display was performed without prior notice.

The preservation of Chichibugahama Beach is thanks to the ongoing cleanings and assistance of the dedicated locals who have been maintaining the beach for years. The show was commissioned by the Mitoyo Tourism and Exchange Authority, along with around 30 local companies, in order to express gratitude to the local populace and encourage them to keep up their motivation to face the coronavirus pandemic.
We have created this video so that anyone who was unable to attend, missed the show, or is stuck at home will also be able to enjoy the fireworks.
Stay safe, stay healthy, and we hope you enjoy the show!

8/10/2020 5:00pm JST


【Where to Watch】
Mitoyo Tourism and Exchange Authority Homepage
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*Note that the text of the video is only available in Japanese.