Preserve your travel memories forever with your own Chichibugahama Beach photo shoot!
Get the perfect commemorative photos of your group tour or a vacation with your friends!

Available Dates

Available according to the 2020 Sunset and Tide Calendar.
※Contact our office with inquiries about dates not on the calendar
Duration About 1.5 hours (between 4pm and 8pm)
※Scheduling will vary with sunset and tide times by season

Meeting Place

Chichibugahama Beach Parking Lot
Japanese address for GPS: 香川県三豊市仁尾町仁尾乙203‐3
Limit 1 group per day
Price 1-10 people: ¥20,000  11-25 people: ¥30,000  26-40 people ¥40,000
※Weekends/Holidays +¥5,000
Payment Cash, paid to staff at time of arrival

Possible Dates and Times

Your photo shoot will begin about 70 minutes before sunset.

2020 Sunset and Tide CalendarDownload the PDF here.

Month Date Sunset Time
Jan 1/6(mon)~1/13(mon) 17:10
1/21(tues)~1/29(wed) 17:25
Feb 2/5(wed)~2/13(thurs) 17:40
2/19(wed)~2/29(sat) 17:55
March 3/1(sun) 17:55
3/6(fri)~3/15(sun) 18:10
3/19(thurs)~3/31(tues) 18:20
April 4/1(wed) 18:20
4/5(sun)~4/15(wed) 18:30
4/18(sat)~4/30(thurs) 18:40
May 5/5(tues)~5/14(thurs) 18:55
5/19(tues)~5/29(fri) 19:05
June 6/4(thurs)~6/12(fri) 19:15
6/19(fri)~6/27(sat) 19:20
Month Date Sunset Time
July 7/3(fri)~7/12(sun) 19:20
7/19(sun)~7/26(sun) 19:15
Aug 8/2(sun)~8/10(mon) 19:00
8/17(mon)~8/24(mon) 18:45
8/30(sun)~8/31(mon) 18:30
Sept 9/1(tues)~9/8(tues) 18:30
9/15(tues)~9/21(mon) 18:05
9/28(mon)~9/30(wed) 17:50
Oct 10/1(thurs)~10/6(tues) 17:50
10/13(tues)~10/20(tues) 17:30
10/27(tues)~10/31(sat) 17:15
Nov 11/1(sun)~11/4(wed) 17:15
11/11(wed)~11/17(tues) 17:00
11/25(wed)~11/30(mon) 16:55
Dec 12/1(tues)~12/3(thurs) 16:55
12/11(fri)~12/16(wed) 16:55
12/25(fri)~12/31(thurs) 17:05

※These recommended dates are the days when the sunset and low tide coincide.

Included in your Photo Plan:

・Fee for up to 10 people (Groups larger than 10 will be photographed in smaller groups)
・Data for 20 retouched photos
※Data will be sent by noon the following day to up to 2 members of the group.
・Photographer and Guide fees
・Assistance in creating the best poses and photos
・Small prop rental(flowers, umbrellas, pinwheels, etc.)

Not Included in Your Photo Plan:

・Transportation to Chichibugahama Beach
・Choice of Photographer
・Hair and makeup
・Photo prints
・Photo albums, postcards, etc.


・On days with poor weather, it may not be possible to take photographs like those appearing in our marketing.
・If the weather is particularly bad, your reservation may be cancelled. You will be notified of this by noon on the day of your reservation and will not be charged.
・If the weather suddenly turns during your reservation, your photo plan may be cut short. In this event, your fee will be halved.
・In the event you must cancel your reservation for reasons other than weather, there is a cancellation fee of 50% if cancelled before your scheduled time, and of 100% in the event of an unnotified cancellation.
・Because your photo plan is in a public place, other people may appear in the background of your photos.
・On particularly crowded days, you may have to wait to take your photos.

On windy days, the surface of the water may be disturbed by waves, preventing clear reflections.
In this case, you will be consulted on whether you would like to continue as planned or cancel your reservation.

  • ▲ Windy Midday Low Tide
    (Midday has a higher chance of interference from strong winds.)
  • ▲ Windy Evening Low Tide


To Make Your Reservation:

1) You can make your reservation by email, phone, or through our online form below. Please reserve 3 days – 6 months in advance.
2) Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you will receive confirmation after we have checked the availability of your preferred date.
※Reservations fill up quickly during over holidays and during the warm weather months. Be sure to reserve early so you can have your photo shoot on the best day for you!


    代表者名前/Representative's Name
    会社名/Company Name

    ※旅行会社だけ Travel agencies only
    携帯/Cell Number

    ※父母ヶ浜 絶景の見頃カレンダーの期間内でお申込み下さい。
    *Please indicate 70 minutes before sunset, 16:00-20:00 (Use 24hr time)

    *Please indicate 70 minutes before sunset, 16:00-20:00 (Use 24hr time)
    人数/Number of People
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