Looking for a way to make your trip unforgettable?

Immortalize it with beautiful, professional photos of you and your friends and loved ones!
Let an experienced, professional photographer capture your visit to Chichibugahama Beach.

Photoshoot Information


Available Dates Please choose a date from the Sunset and Tide Calendar below
Dates not on the calendar may be available with consultation
Shoots are not available on Tuesdays or during the New Year’s holiday (typically ~12/28 – 1/3)
Duration Approx 1.5 hours between 4-8pm*
*Times are chosen to coincide with sunset and low tide, and shift seasonally.
Location Chichibugahama Beach parking lot
Pricing 1-10 People: ¥20,000
11-20 People: ¥30,000
21-40 People: ¥40,000
And additional fee of ¥5,000 will be charged for shoots on weekends and holidays.
All prices include tax.
Payment We are only able to accept payment in cash(JPY). We apologize for any inconvenience.
Payment will be due upon services rendered.
Max Capacity We are only able to accommodate one group per day.

Chichibugahama Beach 2020 Sunset and Tide Calendar

Month Date Sunset Time
Jan 1/6(mon)~1/13(mon) 17:10
1/21(tues)~1/29(wed) 17:25
Feb 2/5(wed)~2/13(thurs) 17:40
2/19(wed)~2/29(sat) 17:55
March 3/1(sun) 17:55
3/6(fri)~3/15(sun) 18:10
3/19(thurs)~3/31(tues) 18:20
April 4/1(wed) 18:20
4/5(sun)~4/15(wed) 18:30
4/18(sat)~4/30(thurs) 18:40
May 5/5(tues)~5/14(thurs) 18:55
5/19(tues)~5/29(fri) 19:05
June 6/4(thurs)~6/12(fri) 19:15
6/19(fri)~6/27(sat) 19:20
Month Date Sunset Time
July 7/3(fri)~7/12(sun) 19:20
7/19(sun)~7/26(sun) 19:15
Aug 8/2(sun)~8/10(mon) 19:00
8/17(mon)~8/24(mon) 18:45
8/30(sun)~8/31(mon) 18:30
Sept 9/1(tues)~9/8(tues) 18:30
9/15(tues)~9/21(mon) 18:05
9/28(mon)~9/30(wed) 17:50
Oct 10/1(thurs)~10/6(tues) 17:50
10/13(tues)~10/20(tues) 17:30
10/27(tues)~10/31(sat) 17:15
Nov 11/1(sun)~11/4(wed) 17:15
11/11(wed)~11/17(tues) 17:00
11/25(wed)~11/30(mon) 16:55
Dec 12/1(tues)~12/3(thurs) 16:55
12/11(fri)~12/16(wed) 16:55
12/25(fri)~12/31(thurs) 17:05

Your Fee Includes:

・Photographer’s fee
・20 retouched shots (data only)
Shots will be sent to the reservation-maker’s email address by noon the following day.
It will be the reservation-maker’s responsibility to share the photos with any others in their group.
・Interpreter/Guide’s Fee
・Pose suggestions to make the best possible shots
・Prop rental (umbrellas, flowers, etc.)

Not Included in your Fee:

・Transportation to Chichibugahama Beach
・Choice of photographer
・Hair and/or Makeup
・Photo albums, cards, etc.


・Photos will be affected by weather conditions and may not look like the samples.
・Photo Shoots will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather. The reservation-maker will be notified of weather-related cancellations by noon on the day of your shoot. There is no cancellation fee in this event.
・In the event of sudden bad weather during the shoot, it may end early. In this event, a half charge will be assessed.
・A cancellation fee will be assessed in the event that the customer cancels the reservation.
  Cancellation before reservation time: 50% of total fee
  Cancellation without notice: 100% of total fee
・Other visitors may appear in the background of some or all photos.
・On particularly crowded days, there may be a wait to take photos.
・Wind can disrupt the surface of the water and interfere with the mirror effect (see below). We will consult with the reservation-maker on windy days regarding potential cancellation.
  • ▲ Lightly breezy around noon
  • ▲ Windy evening


1)Reservations are accepted via email, phone, or through the online form below. We will take reservations between 6 months and 3 days before the reservation date.
2) We will reply via email or phone to confirm your reservation. Reservations are limited to one per day and fill on a first-come-first-served basis.
※Reservations fill quickly during peak travel seasons. Be sure to make your reservation early for these times.

Reservation Form

    代表者名前/Representative's Name
    会社名/Company Name

    ※旅行会社だけ Travel agencies only
    携帯/Cell Number

    ※父母ヶ浜 絶景の見頃カレンダーの期間内でお申込み下さい。
    *Please indicate 70 minutes before sunset, 16:00-20:00 (Use 24hr time)

    *Please indicate 70 minutes before sunset, 16:00-20:00 (Use 24hr time)
    人数/Number of People
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