Access to Awashima Island for the 2019 Setouchi Triennale

  • Suda Port

Suda Port

For newcomers to the area, traveling to Awashima Island can seem a daunting task. But don’t panic! Follow this easy guide to relax and arrive at this beautiful, art-filled island without stress.

Top Page of the Setouchi Triennale 2019 on Awashima

*Transit times may be subject to change. Be sure to confirm them before your arrive.


Step 1: Decide Your Ferry Time

awashima art

Suda Port’s waiting area, an artwork from a former Setouchi Triennale


Awashima Island is open to Triennale visitors from 9:40 am – 4:30 pm. Ferries that arrive during this time fame leave Suda Port at 9:10 am, 10:45 am, 12:40 pm, and 3:10 pm.
Plan your travel times based upon your desired ferry time, and travel planning becomes much easier!


Taking the Bus from Takuma Station

mitoyo community bus

Takuma Station and one of Mitoyo’s community buses


Travelers coming by public transit should arrive at JR Takuma Station, the closest train station. Board the bus pictured below (either the Mino line or Takuma-Mino line) and pay ¥100 when you get off the bus.

Community buses run at 8:48 am (arriving 9:05), 10:19 am (arriving 12:10), 12:10 pm (arriving 12:29), and 2:46 pm (arriving 3:05). Get off at the Suda bus stop. The port is about 3 minutes’ walk away.

Free shuttle buses will also be running during the Triennale. On weekdays they will run approximately once an hour; on weekends and holidays they will run approximately once every 30 minutes. However, if you plan your arrival to match up with community bus times, you will be able to take either, whichever comes first!


Arriving by Car


For visitors arriving by car, there is a special parking lot during the Triennale period. Visitors should park in the Keimen lot as shown in the above map.

A shuttle bus will take you from the parking lot to the port. Buses come every 30 minutes on weekdays and every 15 minutes on weekends and holidays. We recommend parking at least 40 minutes before your desired ferry to ensure you don’t miss it.


In light traffic, it takes at least an hour to arrive at the Keimen lot from Takamatsu airport or near JR Takamatsu station. There are multiple rental car companies near both the airport and that station, but as they will be busier than usual during the Triennale, we recommend reserving a car online before you arrive. Visitors from abroad should ensure they have proper clearances, such as an international driving permit.


Buying your Ferry Ticket

awashima ferry tickets

The ticket vending machine at Suda Port

Tickets for the ferry must be purchased at the port from the ticket vending machine. Adult tickets cost 330 yen each. The vending machine does not accept large bills or small denomination coins, so please prepare cash accordingly.

Give your ticket to the staff as you board the boat, and enjoy your 10-15 minute ride to Awashima Island!


Access from Takamatsu, Osaka, or Tokyo

jr takuma station

The scenery as seen from JR Takuma Station


First-time visitors to Shikoku may feel that Awashima, divided as it is from all other civilization, is very far away. Let us residents assure you that it’s actually quite easy to get to!

※Visitors from abroad can make use of the JR RAIL PASS for the cheapest train travel.

※Train times are subject to change and may be shorter or longer than these estimations, especially when changing lines.

◆Takamatsu → Takuma Station◆
Take the Yosan line from for 40-50 minutes. Trains leave about once every hour. It is sometimes necessary to change trains at Tadotsu Station.

◆Osaka → Takuma Station◆
JR trains will likely be the most convenient from Osaka. Take the bullet train (shinkansen) from Shin Osaka Station to Okayama Station. From there you can change to a rapid or special rapid train going across the Seto Ohashi Line and continuing to Takuma Station. This method will take about 2-3 hours and cost about ¥7,500.

Alternatively, for a cheaper option, take a highway bus to Takamatsu station, then follow the train instructions to Takuma Station. The bus from Osaka to Takamatsu takes 3 – 3.5 hours, but is significantly cheaper than the bullet train. Buses at convenient times can fill up quickly, so we recommend reserving your ticket in advance if possible.

◆Tokyo → Takuma Station◆
Travelers from Tokyo can choose between flying and taking the train.

If traveling by train, take the bullet train to Okayama Station, then take a rapid or special rapid train to Takuma Station. Travel should take about 4.5 hours and cost around ¥18,000.

If traveling by train, ANA and JAL fly from Haneda Airport to Takamatsu Airport, JETSTAR flies to Takamatsu from Narita Airport. A JETSTAR flight can cost as little as 5,000 yen! From takeoff to landing is usually about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

A limousine bus runs from the airport to Takamatsu Station and is timed to coincide with arrivals. One way it costs 760 yen and takes about 40 minutes.


Grab Dinner After! Mitoyo Tsuru, a Nearby Restaurant

mitoyo tsuru

Mitoyo Tsuru


Opened in August 2019, Mitoyo Tsuru is a rennovated sake brewery. It serves foods with deep roots in the local culture of the area. It’s perfect for people visiting for the Triennale, as it’s very close to Suda Port. In fact, for the duration of the Triennale, Mitoyo Tsuru will be holding various events and prepared special, limited-time only dishes!


Check out other local restaurants here!

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