Summer Festivals and Events

  • Tsushimajinja Summer Festival

    A once-a-year chance to cross the bridge to this lonely island shrine.

    Date(s): August 4th and 5th (Fireworks display held on the evening of the 4th)

    Location: 6816-2 Omi Ko, Mitoyo, Kagawa (香川県三豊市三野町大見甲6816‐2)

    Closest Station: JR Tsushimanomiya Station

  • Nio Dragon Festival

    Watch a 35 meter, 3 tonne dragon be paraded through the streets, lifted by 150 people!

    Date(s): First Saturday of August (the main event begins in the evening)

    Location: Around Nio Community Center

    Contact: Nio Dragon Festival Committee 0875-82-5208 (Jpn Only)

  • Hijidai Fireworks Display

    A local Summer highlight- fireworks light up the sky!

    Date(s): Late July

    Location: Hijidai Elementary

    Contact: Fireworks Implementation Committee 090-7146-5665 (Jpn Only)

  • Beat-the-Heat Waterside Festival

    Fishing stalls and workshops are just part of this festival focused on water.

    Date(s): early August

    Location: Kagawa Yosui Commemorative Park

    Contact: Kagawa Yosui Commemorative Park 0875-67-3760

  • Takase Summer Festival

    Performances and vendors crowds the streets in this lively town festival.

    Date(s): Late July

    Location: Mitoyo Community Center (Takase, Mitoyo)

    Contact: Takase Summer Festival Implementation Committee 0875-73-3410 (within Takase's Community Development Office, Jpn Only)

  • Takaradanosato Seasonal Flavors Fair

    Sample watermelon, peaches, and other seasonal fruit.

    Date(s): Late July

    Location: Takaradanosato Roadside Station's market

    Contact: Takaradanosato Roadside Station Farmer's Market 0875-67-3833

  • Takuma Port Festival

    Massive fireworks illuminate the night sky above the port!

    Date(s): Early August

    Location: around the municipal baseball field in Takuma, Miotyo

    Contact: Takuma Port Festival Cooperative 0875-83-3654 (Jpn Only)

  • Mt. Shiude's Hydrangea Path

    2000 hydrangea bushes bloom along the path up the mountain.

    Date(s): mid-June through mid-July

    Location: Mt. Shiude

    Contact: Mitoyo Tourism and Exchange Authority 0875-56-5880 (Jpn or English)