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▼Check Out These Local Favorites! ▼

  • Kanran, Hygge dig i Setouchi

    Experience the serenity of an open sky and peaceful scenery. Choose between building A and building B for two different takes on the concept, "Setouchi Hygge." Either way, you'll be living on Seto time.


  • Tsushimajinja Shrine

    Just offshore from Mino-cho, Mitoyo is a small island home to Tsushimajinja Shrine. The main purpose of the shrine is to pray for the health and longevity of children. The bridge is only traversable on the 4th and 5th of August each year.


  • Fudonotaki Country Park

    Falling straight down from a height of 50 meters, Fudonotaki Falls is a beautiful sight. In Spring, cherry blossoms; in early Summer, new greenery; in Fall, the changing leaves; the falls are ever-changing with the seasons.


  • Tsumunagi

    Vacation rentals conceived and built nearby Flower Park Urashima. The location takes full advantage of the tranquil Setouchi to provide a gorgeous ocean view.


  • Café Nigari Emon

    Super fresh tiger prawns, served in delicious dishes including Japanese-style fried shrimp and tiger prawn pho. Try their tofu-making class, too!


  • Sanuki Ryokusou

    An exceptional vacation rental that encompasses the climate and true-to-life experience of Sanuki. All furnishings were chosen and prepared so that guests can experience what it truly is to live and pass the time in Sanuki.


  • Seasonal Stand

    A quaint seaside shop specializing in dried flowers, but also selling a small selection of café fare. Step into a real-life fairytale of dried flowers and gentle lighting.


  • Mt. Asahi Shinrin Park

    The mountain's scenery changes with the season, but remains picturesque year-round. In spring, over 2000 cherry trees bloom for a 360 degree shower of flowers. Complete with a long slide and other playground equipment, this park is also great for families with kids!


  • TABI-YADO Sorato

    A stylish, private guesthouse located in the hills where the Shonai Peninsula extends into the Seto Inland Sea. Get the bluest ocean all to yourself.


  • Fureai Park Mino Roadside Station

    Business trips, vacations, group tours, pilgrims, the all-in-one nature of the facilities make Fureai Park Mino perfect for everyone, even guests looking for an extended stay.


  • Archipelago TSUSHIMA

    Views of Tsushimajinja Shrine and an adult atmosphere, like staying at your own vacation home. At night, the sound of the waves lulls guests to a sound sleep. Perfect for girls' nights or friend weekends.


  • CLASSICO Setouchi Coffee

    The view of the Seto Inland Sea from this location persuaded the owner to originally open this laid-back seaside café. Try the outdoor seating to luxuriate in the sound of the waves and the peace of the moment


  • Flower Park Urashima

    An expanse of flowers before you with the sea and sunrise behind. The flowers grow so thickly that in May when the marguerites are in full bloom it looks as though someone has painted the field white. Breathe in the scent of flowers while gazing across the inland sea.


  • Olive Café

    Amid this olive orchard of nearly 700 carefully tended trees is an open terrace with a gorgeous view of the Seto Inland Sea. The owner designed the terrace to be as comfortable as possible out of a desire for guests "to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Seto Inland Sea."


  • Stylish House MINO

    A vacation rental just 3 minutes' walk from the station and a 15 minute drive to Chichibugahama Beach. You could go all kinds of places, but maybe it'd be more fun to just stay in...


  • Motoyamaji Temple

    Temple number 70 on the Shikoku 88-Temple Pilgrimage. Known for its 5-story pagoda and interesting blend of architectural styles. Motoyamaji Temple has been designated one of Japan's national treasures.



    Mitoyo's own tiny chocolatier: Racati. The entire chocolate-making process is contained in this modest building, from the selection of the beans, to the roasting and final production of the bars.



    Don't just steal time for yourself, abandon yourself to it at this comfortable private guesthouse in the land of Urashima Taro. Walk across the sandbar at low tide to visit nearby Maruyamajima Island.


  • Seto Suisan Fisheries

    Fresh-caught seafood and other seafood products. Olive abalone, farm-raised flounder, pufferfish, sea bream, yellowtail, thread-sail filefish, and fresh-caught abalone and tiger prawns are among the vast assortment of seafood they supply.


  • Art Canvas Awashima

    A vacation rental where the building itself is the canvas. Artists visiting the island leave their mark by adding to the artworks that make up this guesthouse.


  • Gyoza Boogie~

    Everything in these gyoza is locally produced, including the cabbage, pork, and sea salt. The gyoza skins are made in the same way as sanuki udon, which gives the finished product a wonderfully chewy texture.



    Get a tour of local farms, make udon from scratch under the guidance of local udon specialists complete with vegetable tempura and delicious dashi broth. Then, go "udon hopping" in the morning!


  • Iyadaniji Temple

    Temple Number 71 on the Shikoku 88-Temple Pilgrimage. Climb 540 stairs to the main shrine, or wander the grounds to find many carved figures of praying Buddhas scattered about.


  • Green Tea Guesthouse JIJI

    A one group per night exclusive vacation rental. The living room doubles as a bathroom with a large tub filled with Takase green tea-infused water. Let the scent of tea wash away the stress of your travels.


  • Nio Marina

    One of the few large marinas in Western Japan, Nio Marina also boasts a barbeque house. Look out over the floating docks housing rows of yachts from the clubhouse: a peaceful scene



    Perfect for family outings or adult get-togethers. Give up your stressors to the night sky and fully relax. The night sky changes from sunset to twilight to dark in just a few minutes, and this "magic hour" period is beautiful to behold.


  • Takiya

    Perfectly integrated into the surrounding historical town, stay in a vacation rental that feels like coming home. The furnishings, interior, and kitchenware are all Kagawa-made, and evoke the spirit of Sanuki.


  • JIJI Kitchen

    An all-takeout restaurant serving bento and side dishes made from fresh, local produce. The menu is varied and the chef is proud to be able to serve international cuisine that everyone can enjoy at home!


  • Tsutajima Island

    A local favorite for swimming, camping, fishing, and every sort of family-friendly outing. Hike the inner partition's of the island too, but don't forget your bug spray!


  • Power Stone Shop Amulee*

    Natural power stones are transformed one by one into handmade accessories. Today and everyday, these natural stones are waiting to meet their perfect match.


  • Zentsuji Temple

    【Located in Zentsuji】Temple number 75 in the 88-temple Shikoku Pilgrimage, the birthplace of Kobo Daishi, and the location where Shingon Buddhism first took root in Japan.


  • Nakatsu Banshoen & Marugame Art Museum

    【Located in Marugame】A beautifully cultivated Japanese garden surrounds an art museum housing works by Jean-François Millet and others of the Barbizon school.


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