Two women standing on the beach reflected in the water below with the setting sun behind them. They are holding sunflowers and standing on one leg with the other extended, mirroring each other's pose.

Preserve your memories forever with a personal photo shoot at Chichibugahama Beach♪
Known as “The sky-mirror of the Seto Inland Sea,” these breathtaking photos are the perfect souvenir of your trip.
Whether traveling as a couple or a large group, you’re sure to leave with a memento to cherish
Check the calendar below for availability.
※Reservations not available on Tuesday or during the New Year’s holiday
※Dates not on the calendar may be possible with consultation.
Duration About 90 minutes (Falling between 4pm and 8pm)
※Photo shoots are scheduled when low tide coincides with sunset, so the time will fluctuate with the seasons.
Chichibugahama Beach Parking Lot
(Otsu Niocho Nio, Mitoyo, Kagawa 769-1404/香川県三豊市仁尾町仁尾乙203‐3)
Availability Maximum 1 group per day (Groups may include up to 40 people)
Pricing 1-10 members: ¥22,000  11-20 members: ¥44,000  21-30 members: ¥66,000  31-40 members: ¥88,000
※An additional fee of ¥11,000 will be added to weekend or holiday shoots.
※All prices shown include tax.
Cash or PayPay. Please pay the staff after meeting at Chichibugahama Beach

Photo Shoot Availability 2023

Month Available Dates Sunset
Jan 1/4(Wed)~1/6(Fri) 17:10
1/18(Wed)~1/23(Mon) 17:25
Feb 2/1(Wed)~2/10(Fri) 17:40
2/17(Fri)~2/25(Sat) 17:55
March 3/2(Thur)~3/13(Mon) 18:05
3/18(Sat)~3/20(Mon) 18:20
April 4/13(Thur) 18:30
4/17(Mon)~4/27(Thur) 18:40
May 5/1(Mon) 18:55
5/8(Mon)~5/12(Fri) 18:55
5/17(Wed)~5/27(Sat) 19:05
June 6/2(Fri)~6/10(Sat) 19:15
6/16(Fri)~6/25(Sun) 19:20
Month Available Dates Sunset
July 7/2(Sun)~7/9(Sun) 19:20
7/19(Wed)~7/24(Mon) 19:15
7/31(Mon) 19:10
Aug 8/2(Wed)~8/7(Mon) 19:05
8/14(Mon)~8/21(Mon) 18:50
8/30(Wed)~ 8/31(Thur) 18:35
Sept 9/1(Fri)~4(Mon) 18:30
9/11(Mon)~9/15(Fri) 18:15
9/27(Wed)~9/30(Sat) 17:55
Oct 10/1(Sun)~10/2(Mon) 17:50
10/11(Wed)~10/18(Wed) 17:35
10/25(Wed)~10/30(Mon) 17:15
Nov 11/8(Wed)~11/15(Wed) 17:10
11/23(Thur)~11/29(Wed) 16:55
Dec 12/8(Fri)~12/14(Thur) 16:55
12/23(Sat)~12/28(Thur) 17:00

Included in Your Shoot:

・On-location photo shoot for up to 40 people
(Groups will be split up for photographing if larger than 10 people)
・Data download for 20 photos (edited and retouched)
※Download link will be sent to up to 2 members by email within 3 days of your shoot.
・Photographer and Staff fees
・Assistance in creating dynamic photos
・Small item rentals (flowers, umbrellas, etc)

Not Included in Your Shoot:

・Travel fees to Chichibugahama Beach
・Choice of photographer
・Printed Photos
・Photo albums or other photo goods

Optional Extras:

・Alphanumeric Cut-Outs: ¥330 per A3-size letter or number

Additional Information

・Photos may not appear as those in our promotional material depending to weather conditions.
・Shoots will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather. Customers will be informed by noon the day of a cancelled shoot. No fee will be charged in this case.
・Shoots may end early in the event of sudden shifts in weather. Half of the decided fee will be charged in this case.
・Customer-side cancellations unrelated to weather will incur a 50% fee before the appointed meeting time, and a full 100% fee for no-shows.
・Shoots are conducted in a public setting, so others may appear in the background of photos.
・On particularly crowded dates, groups may have to wait for spaces to open.
Strong winds will create ripples in the surface of the water and may interfere with getting a clear reflection. Customers scheduled for windy days will be consulted about whether to go forward with the shoot.
(Note that winds are typically stronger during the day and are more likely to interfere with clear reflections.)
  • ▲ Daytime photos may look like this
  • ▲ Windy day photos may look like this

Reserve your Photo Shoot

Fill in the fields below to book your shoot. Reservations can be made between 6 months and 3 days in advance.
After we confirm availability, you will be sent confirmation. Please bear in mind that we can only accommodate one reservation per day which are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reservation Form

    代表者名前/Representative's Name

    会社名/Company Name

    ※旅行会社だけ Travel agencies only



    携帯/Cell Number






    ※父母ヶ浜 絶景の見頃カレンダーの期間内でお申込み下さい。
    *Only available on dates on our Sunset and Tide Calendar!


    *Please indicate 70 minutes before sunset, 16:00-20:00 (Use 24hr time)

    人数/Number of People