takayajinja shrine

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Entry Restrictions on Weekends & Shuttle Bus Info

Road Closed Beginning June 10th, 2024
The road to Takayajinja Shrine's main shrine is closed due to a recent rockfall. Hiking route is accessible through the lower shrine.More Info

Entry Restrictions on Weekends and Holidays

The road to the Main Shrine of Takayajinja shrine is narrow and cannot accomodate large volumes of traffic. For visitors' safety, only shuttle buses may use the road to the summit on weekends, long weekends, and holidays. These buses depart from the Ariake Ground parking lot. Shuttle bus tickets can be purchsed from the ticket vending machine in the Kan-onji City Tourism Office (Open 9:00-17:00)

Visit https://www.city.kanonji.kagawa.jp/soshiki/21/22812.html for more info and timetables.

Takayajinja Shrine

The summit of Mt. Inazumi (404 meters) is home to the main shrine of Takayajinja Shrine as well as the "Skyview Torii Gate," which has a spectacular view of the Seto Inland Sea and Kan-onji City.
The Shrine is divided into two sections: the lower shrine, located in the mountain's foothills, and the main shrine, located on the summit.

  • takayajinja shrine
    A breathtaking backdrop
  • takayajinja shrine
    Stairs leading up from the lower shrine

Getting to Takayajinja

Shuttle Bus

Weekends and Holidays only (9:00am-4:00pm)

A shuttle bus service is available to take visitors to the main shrine.
【Fare】Adults: ¥1,500 / Elementary School Children & Disability Certificate Holders: ¥700 (1 kindergarten or younger child rides free with each adult ticket)
The shuttle bus leaves from Ariake Ground in Kotohiki Park.

Operating Information

November - February Operating hours: 9:30am-4:00pm Check in: 9am-4pm)
Road closed to general traffic 9:00am-5:00pm
March - October Operating hours: 10:30am-5:00pm (Check in: 10am-5pm)
Road closed to general traffic 10:00am-6:00pm
Shuttle Bus Schedule

Directions to Ariake Ground

13 Ariake-cho, Kan-onji, Kagawa (香川県観音寺市有明町13)
Public Transit
20 min walk from JR Kan-onji Station
(Rental bicycles and taxis also available)
Shuttle Bus
Stops at: JR Takuma Station, Chichibugahama Beach, Takayajinja Lower Shrine, Kotohiki Park (Ariake Ground), and JR Kan-onji Station
Operates only on weekends and holidays

Taxi & Hiking

Typical Taxi Fare (One-way)
JR Kan-onji Station → Takayajinja Lower Shrine: ¥1,700
JR Kan-onji Station → Takayajinja Main Shrine: ¥3,000

Reserve and Save! Shuttle Taxi (Weekdays only)

Reservation Special Fare 1 person 1 way:
¥3,000 → ¥1,500!!

270 steps from the lower shrine to the main shrine
(about 50 min to climb)

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Driving Directions

Many GPS systems display incorrect directions to Takayajinja's main shrine.
See the correct directons below.

Begin by setting your GPS for Fudonotaki Country Park (不動の滝カントリーパーク).
When you are traveling on Prefectural route 224, you will see the signs pictured below.

GPS Address: Fudonotaki Country Park,
Okamoto, Toyonaka-cho, Mitoyo, Kagawa

▲Visitors coming from the South/West should turn left


▲Visitors coming from the North/East should turn right


Do not follow the arrow on the sign.
Instead, keep left here.


Now you can follow the arrows on the signs


With a beautiful view of the Mitoyo plain on the way up


Turn left when you see these signs


Park in the lot and walk
about 3 mins uphill to the shrine


Don't forget to pay your respects at the main hall!