Skyview Torii Gate (Takayajinja Shrine)

The road to Takayajinja Shrine’s main shrine will be closed
to personal vehicles on weekends and holidays.
Please park at Ariake Ground in Kotohiki Park and
ride the shuttle bus to the main shrine.

*Takayajinja Shrine is located in Kan-onji City. The entrance for cars to go to the top of the mountain is located within Mitoyo City.

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Hearts Shuttle Bus Weekday ScheduleWeekend ScheduleRoute Map

The Hearts Shuttle Bus will not be running through May 31, 2021 due to COVID. Please check their website for the most up-to-date information (Japanese only).

  • The Hearts Shuttle bus runs to most tourist spots in the Mitoyo area. Stops include:
    ・JR Takuma Station
    ・Chichibugahama Beach
    ・Takayajinja Shrine (Lower Shrine only)
    ・Mt. Shiude (weekends only)
  • Get a day pass for ¥1,000 and ride as much as you like! Tickets can be purchased from the driver or reserved online through their website (Japanese only).
  • Travel Time
  • JR Kan-onji Station ⇔ Takayajinja Shrine Lower Shrine: Approx. 40 minutes
  • JR Takuma Station ⇔ Takayajinja Shrine Lower Shrine: Approx. 25 minutes
  • Hiking from the Lower Shrine to the Main Shrine takes about 50 minutes.


Ariake Ground ⇔ Takajinja Shrine Shuttle Bus

  • Please only ride if you are feeling well. All riders will have their temperature taken before they board. All riders should wear a face mask, and sanitize their hands. Social distancing must be observed while riding. There is no eating, drinking, or smoking allowed on the bus. Please put your phone on silent and refrain from taking calls while riding. Please take your trash home and keep the bus clean. Please be respectful of other riders and refrain from speaking too loud. For the comfort of other passengers, only service animals will be allowed on the bus.
  • Bus Fare
  • Adults (JHS and older): ¥1000
  • Elementary schooler: ¥500
  • Kindergarten and younger (must be accompanied by an adult): 1 free per adult ticket
  • May & June Schedule
    Ariake Ground → Takayajinja Shrine Takayajinja Shrine → Ariake Ground
    17:00 LAST
    18:00 LAST
  • The shuttle bus runs on weekends and holidays.
    Check-in at Ariake Ground open 10:00am-5:00pm

Mitoyo Community Bus

  • Mitoyo City’s Nio line community buses run close to Takayajinja Shine’s lower entrance. Get off at the Muromoto stop. (Be careful! There is also a stop called Muromoto Kitaguchi!)
    From Kan-onji Station: 4 stops, about 10 minutes.
    From Takuma Station: 17 stops, about 25 minutes.
  • From the Muromoto bus stop, follow the map below to Takayajinja Shrine. Hiking from the bus stop to the main shrine should take about 75 minutes. There are no vending machines on the hike up, so be sure to bring something to drink with you!

Car Access

Time from Takamatsu Expressway
Sanuki-Toyonaka Exit: 30 minutes
Mitoyo-Tossaka Exit: 40 minutes

Car Access to the Main Shrine

Older GPS systems may not show correct information when traveling to Takayajinja Shrine’s Main Shrine. For correct directions, set your GPS for Fudo no Taki Country Park. From prefectural route 224 you should see the signs below. Take the turn at the border of Kan-onji and Mitoyo.
▲Eastbound on 224: turn left▲Westbound on 224: turn right

▲DO NOT follow the red arrow on this sign! Continue past it to the left.

▲Now you can follow the signs. Bear right to avoid the gated road.

▲Partway up is a great view of the Mitoyo plain!

▲Turn left here and follow the signs (Straight leads to a small overlook point.)

▲Park here. The shrine itself is about 3 minutes’ walk uphill.

▲Don’t forget to pay your respects at the shrine!

▲Enjoy the view!
  • Contact

  • Kan-onji City’s Commerce and Tourism Division

    Kan-onji City Hall 3rd floor 38th window
    Kan-onji City, Sakamoto cho 1-chome-1-1 768-8601
    Tel:0875-23-3933 (Japanese only)
  • Online email Form (Japanese webpage)